Review: Andrélon Get The Volume Powder.


Hi Guys!
This is my very first review, I’ll hope you all like it!

Andrélon Get The Volume Powder.

This product has been made for a boost of volume and texture. And is part of the
Pink collection.

Let’s see of this works!

The packaging looks really nice to me. It’s small and easy to carry along you.
But the packaging does not tell me how I should use this product.
So I have to find out for myself.
The packaging it tells me to shake really well before I use it on my hair.
So let’s do that!


Before you start make sure your hair is completely dry.
Because it won’t work on wet hair.

Okay, Let’s start.
Firstly, Brush your hair, After that grab a piece of hair and flip it to the other side.
Just like the picture down below.


Place the Andrélon Volume Powder close to your head and
put the powder all over this part of your hair.

put on

Grab another piece of hair and also flip it to the other side.
Now grab your andrélon volume powder again and place is close to your head.
Put some powder on this part ass well.


Now repeat the last 3 steps on the other side of the hair.

So for the back it’s easier to bent over like in the picture below.

bent over

You do the same as you did on the left side and the right side.
You grab a piece of hair, Flip it and put some powder on this past of your hair.


Grab another pies of hair and place the powder.

powder back

So now come back up and go with your hand trough your hair And make it the
way you like it! That’s it. That’s all you have to do!


This is my result, I like it very much!


Now my opinion on this product.

I think this product is quit handy, I use it a lot these days. It’s quick and easy,
Not to big and is has a natural look. My hair is really heavy and thick so this
product can make my hair fuller and lighter.
I love it. If it falls in, put your hands in your hair and make the volume appear again,
and your hair is back!

I bought this by ‘Kruitvat’ ( A store in The Netherlands )
It was 4,99 euro’s

So that was it guys!
let me know what you think and leave a comment down below if you want.
Also let me know if you guys would like a video about this product.
And if you want to see more of this reviews like this post!

Byeeeee!! <3

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