Favorite music of this time.

Hi Guys!

Today I’m giving you my favorite music list of this time. Let me know which song you like in the comment section down below!

My first one is:  Ed Sheeran – I See Fire.

I really love this song. The movie where this song is made for is a beautiful movie aswel. Ed’s voice is just perfect for this song.

My second fav is: Janet Devlin – Wonderful

Been following this girl since day one from the x factor. I really love her voice.

My thirth fav is: Kodaline – High Hopes.

It’s just a good song!

My fourth fav is: Lorde – Tennis Court
I just love Lorde! This is my fav number of her so far.

So what do you think guys? Are these some of your favs too, Or do you have a totally different music taste? Let me know what music you love in the comment section down below!

that was it for today, see you next time!

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  1. Good list!

    Most of all I like Ed Sheeran – I See Fire most. Great song. Great lyrics. Great film. Wonderfull artist.

    Second would be Kodaline – High Hopes. Lovely song. Great lines. Good videoclip.

    Thanks for sharing! Keep it up!

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