Beauty Sales for this week – Only in the Netherlands

week #5

Hi Guys!

Today’s post is all about the sales for this week!

On sale at Etos:
Miss sporty now reduced in price.
L’oréal Paris mascara 10,00 each

On sale at Kruidvat:
Max Factor Mascara Buy 1 get 1 for free.
Gosh Eyeshadow Mono 6,00 euro each.
L’oréal Paris Lipstick,Gloss or Liner 10,00 euro each.
Maybelline Foundation,Blush,Concealer or Powder 10,00 euro each.

On sale at DA:
Maybelline Lipstick,-Gloss and Liner 6,50 euro each.
Collistar Cadeauset, Design Mascara Black and a eyelash curler from 24,30 euro
now for only 12,15 euro.

So that were the beauty sales for this week.

Byee! <3

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    1. Hi Hatice! Love your blog! i’m following you now:) please feel free to ask me anything you want! do you live in the Netherlands to? oh and thanks for following me btw!

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