My Week In Pictures #7

Hi Everyone!

So today another My week in pictures!

hope you enjoy it.

foto 1
On Monday: I uploaded my first video ever and I’m really proud of myself!

foto 2
On Tuesday: After my 1 hour walk with my mom and little sis I’ve had this delicious breaker! yum yum.

foto 3
On Wednesday: My hairdresser came by and I got a hair cut!! It’s a lot shorter now but I like it very much. Also she did color my hair in brown…. That had not supposed to happen, I wanted it to be red. So ya next time it will be red again, I hope!

On Thursday: My 3rd little sis was born!! she is so cute guys! wish I could let you see a picture of her! but ya I was in the hospital and I saw this panorama picture and I stared at it for like 30 minutes and I still don’t know how they make this many pictures to one haha. I think it’s a very interesting picture or 3 or 5…


On Friday: TODAY WAS VAlENTINE’S DAY! I’ve had an amazing day with so many love. You can read my full post of Valentine’s Day here: foto-2

On Sunday: My Boyfriend was on TV! He had a part in the serie ‘Moordvrouw’ in the Netherlands. It was really awesome!

So that was my week! how was your week?

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